I am using a tool (conga) to assemble files, I need to query and load the files by their name

I am using name like with no success. I wish to say get me the attachment from the record whos file name contains 'SMART'

FROM Attachment    
WHERE ParentId = '{pv0}' Name LIKE 'SMART'

but it failing to find them

Getting Unknown error parsing query in the consoleenter image description here


The valid SOQL would be:

... FROM Attachment 
    WHERE ParentId = 'someId' AND Name Like 'Smart%'

You can try using ContentDocumnet Object Like

SELECT id FROM ContentDocument where title='Capture'
  • ContentDocument and Attachment aren't the same object, and this really does not directly address the issue in the question.
    – David Reed
    Nov 12 '19 at 0:10

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