I am not getting any error while validating this query in automation studio but in the target DE the fields are not getting updated.

I checked everything: data types of the target data extensions as well, everything is same.

Please help.

SELECT A.[RMNumber] AS 'RMNumber'

,A.[Name] AS 'Name' , A.[City] AS 'City'

,B.[Gender] AS 'Gender' ,B.[Email] AS 'Email'

,C.[Age] AS 'Age' ,C.[Status] AS 'Status'

,D.[Country] AS 'Country' ,D.[Citizenship] AS 'Citizenship' FROM [MBtest1] A

Inner JOIN [MBtest2] B

ON A.[RMNumber] = B.[RMNumber]

Inner JOIN [MBtest3] C

ON A.[RMNumber] = C.[RMNumber]

Inner JOIN [MBDE4] D

ON A.[RMNumber] = D.[RMNumber]

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