I have a complex UI that renders multiple <lightning-input> fields. When the user edits these fields, I store the originalValue (usually passed through an @api property), the newValue and the oldValue. This allows me to easily identify, if a particular field has been modified (e.g. current value is different from the original value).

Now I want to highlight those fields, for example to display a light-yellow background as long as they are modified.

I tried modifying the triggering element via event.currentTarget with standard HTML (W3Schools):

// testComponent.js
handleChange(event) {
    this.newRecord['myField'] = event.detail.value;
    if (this.isModified('myField')) event.currentTarget.classList.add('dirty-field');
    if (!this.isModified('myField')) event.currentTarget.classList.remove('dirty-field');

isModified(fieldName) {
    return this.newRecord[fieldName] !== this.originalRecord[fieldName];
/* testComponent.css */
.dirty-field {
    border: solid orange 1px;
<!-- testComponent.html -->
        <div class="slds-p-horizontal_medium">
                label="Test Input"

This code at least allows me to display an orange border around the whole input field.

I understand the concept of shadow DOM; I know that I can not modify the underlying <input> field from the <lightning-input> with a querySelector.

Is there any way to highlight a field as "modified" (how salesforce does it with their datatable, for example)? Or, more generally speaking: to modify the appearance of the input-boxes from an input field?

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