I have an issue with the synchronization between a CPQ Quote and an Opportunity, and I have no clue how to provoke that.

There are a few Opportunities that have a primary CPQ Quote (Accepted by customer) where there are line items on the quote - generally all seems to be correct. The amounts on the quote check out. But the Opportunity to which the quote is related has virtually nothing, no Opportunity product, no amount. The amount field is actually null.

I have tried various ways to provoke this, but I am out of ideas now. When an Opportunity is new, the amount field is in fact null. But as soon as I add an opportunity product and then delete it, the value changes to 0. I know that the people using Salesforce do first create an Opportunity and then fill it with products before creating the quote - so I wonder how the quote ends up with a null amount.

Even if I create an Opportunity with nothing on it, then create a CPQ Quote with line items - as soon as "Primary" is checked, the Opportunity is filled with data from the quote.

I do not see an issue with security settings, as the tests I performed have been done using the owner of the questionable opportunities. This only affects 5% of all opportunities, but of course that disrupts reporting on them.

Edit I have found a work around, but that still does not explain the actual issue. If I add an Opportunity Product and remove it, the amount on the Opportunity changes from null to 0. After that, if I edit & save the quote lines, the values are synchronized. But still, if I try and force an empty opportunity and create a quote, synch will happen.

Has anybody encountered this before? Or any further idea on how to maybe provoke this?

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