Please suggest a way to check if a user scrolled down.

as of now I have only the below way but only provide scroll count instead of the direction.

connectedCallback() {
    this.count = 0;
    window.addEventListener('scroll', () => console.log(`scrolled ${this.count++} times`));

I need to display a button which will scroll up to the top of the page but it needs to be rendered only if a user scrolled down and if user is already at the top or reached back to the top of the page then this button should not be rendered, I have created this button and it is working as expected the only problem is when to render and when not.

  • did you try using onscroll like onscroll={handleNotification} then in the function you can print console.log('Current value of the input: ' + evt.target.scrollTop); which will be 0 at the top – User6670 Nov 7 '19 at 13:10
  • And also in function handleNotification(evt) { console.log('Current value of the input: ' + evt.target.scrollTop); } – User6670 Nov 7 '19 at 13:42
  • Thank you for your response, but where should I put onscroll, please post this as an answer. – gs650x Nov 7 '19 at 15:12

Presuming the event is firing, you should be able to see if you're at the top via:

window.addEventListener('scroll', event => console.log(`scrolled to ${event.target.scrollTop}`));
  • Thank you so much for responding I added the above line in the connected callback but didn't get any console log upon scrolling up and down on the page. – gs650x Nov 7 '19 at 13:00
  • @gs650x Yeah, I wasn't entirely sure that the event was firing to begin with, but that's how'd you access it. I suggest using a full-screen wrapper element and check for scrolling on that. – sfdcfox Nov 7 '19 at 13:57
  • could please provide any documentation related to full-screen wrapper element, I never used it before – gs650x Nov 7 '19 at 15:13
  • 1
    @gs650x Here's a playground for you. – sfdcfox Nov 7 '19 at 15:47
  • Thank you so much again for the playground now everything is working as expected but the top button has stopped working I have updated the code on playground with the button, request you to please take a look and suggest. – gs650x Nov 9 '19 at 9:59

Put onscroll on an element like

 <div class="app slds-p-around_x-large" onscroll={handleNotification}>

then in js

{ console.log('Current value of the input: ' + evt.target.scrollTop); }
  • 1
    Thank you so much for responding this is exactly what I am looking for it works as expected in playground but in real time I wrapped my whole code in a div tag with on scroll function but i am not getting any any console log when I scroll down, could you please suggest? – gs650x Nov 8 '19 at 13:14
  • can you share your code – User6670 Nov 8 '19 at 13:24
  • 1
    I solved the problem by updating the CSS – gs650x Nov 9 '19 at 10:00

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