I can't find these in any of the docs: ACTION_ENDPOINT_CONTENT and ACTION_ENDPOINT_GRID But it's being used often in the code such as below:

'use strict';
var PagingModel = require('dw/web/PagingModel');
var collections = require('*/cartridge/scripts/util/collections');
var URLUtils = require('dw/web/URLUtils');
var ACTION_ENDPOINT_GRID = 'Search-Content';

What does this do?

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    These are just variable pointing to a controller-method. For example Content method within the Search controller. These variables are used for example in URLUtils.url to generate a URL to this endpoint. If you would change the endpoint for this you would only need to change one variable instead of every occurence. Does that answer your question? – empiric Nov 7 '19 at 9:36

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