I want to create a Validation Rule that must fire when Account Name is changed and profile is different from ProfileId_1 and ProfileId_2.

I tried with different validation rules, but none works:

  1. ISCHANGED(Name) && ($Profile.Id != '00e24000000YVsFAAW' && $Profile.Id != '00e240000011Ib0AAE')

  2. ISCHANGED(Name) && ( contains($Profile.Name, 'System Administrator') && contains($Profile.Name, 'Profile2') )

  3. ISCHANGED(Name) && ($Profile.Name != 'Profile2' && $Profile.Name != 'System Administrator')

  4. ISCHANGED(Name) && ($User.ProfileId != '00e24000000YVsFAAW' && $User.ProfileId != '00e240000011Ib0AAE')

This part of the rule ISCHANGED(Name) works perfect, but when I try to check profiles it does not work. Ids and names have been checked in the database and are correct. Also, I tried to test them separately, first checking Name and then checking profiles. Profiles checking never works.

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    Never ever ever use hard-coded Ids. Even in a Validation Rule. – Adrian Larson Nov 6 at 14:15

Checking profile names/IDs have always been problematic in validation rules. You shouldn't do it. Instead, create a Custom Permission, assign it to the two profiles, then you can easily check for that:

ISCHANGED(Name) && NOT($Permission.Change_Account_Name)

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