<script runat="server" language="ampscript">
    SET @x = 100
    SET @y = 5

    SET @output1 = @x * @y  // Why this does NOT work!

    SET @output2 = Multiply(@x,@y)   //And only this works!!

    Output = %%=v(@output1)=%% <br/>        //Output = 100 
    Output = %%=v(@output2)=%%              //Output = 500

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As shown in the documentation (and more clearly stated in the AMPscript Guide), all math can only be done via the functions listed in the syntax guide [MULTIPLY(), SUBTRACT(), ADD(), etc.] unlike other languages that can use the operators of [-,+,*,/].

In contrast to many other scripting languages that use operators like +, -,*, and \, AMPscript uses a set of functions for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. AMPscript also includes specific math functions for performing modulo operations and generating random numbers.

  • AMPscript Guide

In AMPscript these operators are ignored and in fact can potentially cause errors or incorrect output.

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