Is there any limitation on number of custom tabs included in managed package?

I know there is one for end users in subscriber orgs of how many custom tabs they can create, but I wonder if there is any limit on the tabs packaged

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There is a limit of 100 tabs in a Developer Edition org by default, which you can increase through a ticket to customer support. If publishing a package that is not Security Reviwed, these tabs will count towards the customer/subscriber limit depending on their organization type (e.g. Enterprise). So, you might say that the limit is 100 custom tabs, although this can be increased with proper "business reasons." See Increase Max Custom Tabs for more info.

  • I can't find the limit for Partner Developer Edition, is this also 100? I see that for DE the maximum value is 100. What is the maximum value for PDE? It is not listed in the link you provided
    – Patlatus
    Nov 1, 2019 at 14:42

The custom tabs limit is a fixed number based on edition and can’t be increased. For more information, contact Salesforce.

"The custom tabs contained in a managed package publicly posted on the AppExchange don't count against the limits for your Salesforce Edition".

If your package is not publicly posed or undamaged then it will count towards org limit. see here the limits

  • You didn't understand my question, my question is how many tabs can be included in the package
    – Patlatus
    Nov 1, 2019 at 14:28

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