need to convert the below output field to a hyperlink, I tried to surround it with a tag but it didn't work, could someone please confirm if an output field can also be a hyper link

<lightning-record-view-form record-id={proposalData} object-api-name="Apttus_Proposal__Proposal__c" density="compact">
    <lightning-output-field id="Approval_Stage" field-name="Apttus_Proposal__Approval_Stage__c"

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You should try out this component.

 <p><lightning-formatted-url value="my/path" ></lightning-formatted-url></p>
 <p><lightning-formatted-url value="https://my/path" tooltip="Go to https://my/path" label="My Cool Website" target="_blank" ></lightning-formatted-url></p>
 <p><lightning-formatted-url value="ftp://my/path" tooltip="Go to ftp://my/path" ></lightning-formatted-url></p>
 <p><lightning-formatted-url value="http://my/path" ></lightning-formatted-url></p>
 <p><lightning-formatted-url value="/my/path" ></lightning-formatted-url></p>
 <p><lightning-formatted-url value=".my/path" ></lightning-formatted-url></p>

[1]: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/bundle/lightning-formatted-url/example
  • Thank you for your response, I have updated my question and formatted URL is not working, please suggest
    – gs650x
    Oct 31, 2019 at 6:37

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