Is it possible to call execute URL from different endpoints?

For example, I set the installed app and set custom activity with the endpoint as https://some-endpoint.com/ for the message.

For your information, the URL below is not an actual URL, it is only an example.

What I want is to save, publish, validate with https://some-endpoint.com/ this URL, BUT RUN EXECUTE METHOD WITH DIFFERENT URL.

Therefore, I set config.json like this:


"arguments": { "execute": { "inArguments": [ { "contactKey": "{{Contact.Key}}" }, { "Name": "{{Contact.Attribute.KIB3.Name}}" } ], "outArguments": [ ], "url": "https://some-endpoint.com/jourenybuilder/execute", "verb": "POST", "body": "", "header": "", "format": "json", "useJwt": false, "timeout": 10000 } },

NOW: "arguments": { "execute": { "inArguments": [ { "contactKey": "{{Contact.Key}}" }, { "Name": "{{Contact.Attribute.KIB3.Name}}" } ], "outArguments": [ ], "url": "https://another-endpoint.com/v1/S/mktcloud/messages", "verb": "POST", "body": "", "header": "", "format": "json", "useJwt": false, "timeout": 10000 } },

However, in heroku application (which is based on node.js), it executes the same way even though I changed the application in NOW status.

So I want to check 2 things regarding this,

1) Is it possible to execute a URL that is different from the endpoint?
2) If it is possible, should I have to do additional changes? (Currently, I 've changed only config.json)

I hope I could find my answer soon........

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In my experience, your endpoints can be whatever you specify them in the config.json - they can be, and often are, different. Any change you make to the config.json, or configuration part of a custom activity, does require you to update and re-configure within the journey itself for it to take in the change to configuration.

Changes purely in the execute logic itself does not require an update to the journey.

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