I've figured out how to put in dynamic utm paramters to append to all links in an email with the below ampscript.

Var @campaign, @pcode
Set @campaignID = "%%campaignid%%"
Set @pcode = "%%pcode%%"

My question is - is there a way to add to the ampscript what to fill in for those paramters if those fields don't exist in a customers Profile Attribute.

For example if a customer doesn't have a 'pcode' can i set a default in the ampscript?

  • Inside AMPScript Code blocks you should definitely not use stuff like this Set @campaignID = "%%campaignid%%". When these fields are inside a dataexentension you would do it like this: Set @campaignID = [campaignid] if its a subscriber attribute you would use something like Set @campaignID = AttributeValue(campaignid). But i guess it doesnt make any sense to store a campaignid in subscriber attributes :D Oct 31 '19 at 13:58

You can use IF/ELSE statements. So, if in an AMPscript block, a rough example would be something like:

VAR @campaign, @pcode 

SET @pcode = pcode
SET @campaignID = campaignid

IF EMPTY(@pcode) == false THEN
    SET @pcode = pcode
    SET @pcode = 'some default text here'

Output: %%=v(@pcode)=%%

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