I am trying to use the new LWC Local Development Server.

I've run command:

sfdx update

So I know I am using the latest version of the CLI.

And I've installed the plugin:

sfdx plugins:install @salesforce/lwc-dev-server

And it seems to install fine:

Successfully validated digital signature for
@salesforce/lwc-dev-server. Finished digital signature check.
Installing plugin @salesforce/lwc-dev-server...

And then I authorised a Sandbox org.

But when I run the command to start the server:

sfdx force:lightning:lwc:start

I this this:

» Warning: force:lightning:lwc:start is not a sfdx command.
Did you mean force:lightning:lint? [y/n]:

When I run this command:

sfdx plugins

I get a result of:

no plugins installed


  1. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  2. How can I fix it / get it working?

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You must use a Scratch org not a standard Sandbox.

System Requirements

Developer Hub-enabled org
Most recent stable version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge web browser
Windows—Windows 7 (64-bit and 32-bit) or later
Mac—macOS 10.11 or later
Linux—Ubuntu 14.0.4 or later
Salesforce CLI


  • I forgot to mention I had authorised a sandbox org. I've updated the question
    – Robs
    Commented Oct 30, 2019 at 14:28
  • I tried by Creating the project, authorize it to a Sandbox, then installed the server and then ran the command to start the server. I had no issues. Can you try to authorize first before installing the server ? Commented Oct 31, 2019 at 8:50

Also if you are on node and doing local development try to install dependencies using 'npm install' and try again .


These steps solved my issue in Windows 10:

  1. Update your python version via Admin cmd C:\WINDOWS\system32>"choco upgrade python -y"

(System restart)

  1. Install sfdx dev server plugin: "sfdx plugins:install @salesforce/lwc-dev-server"

then try this from vs-code: sfdx force:lightning:lwc:start

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