I've found it difficult to find a recent answer to the question: Is it possible yet to perform mass updates to records on a list view using Lightning Components?

Essentially, I want users to be able to select multiple records in a List View, click a button, and have a Lightning Component process each and update a picklist value.

I know this is possible (and well documented) using Visualforce and the Standard Controller / extensions, but curious if there is a way to do so using Lightning Components (or even Lightning Web Components) yet.


I haven't tried this method but from an earlier answer posted might help - link

You can use the "lightning:isUrlAddressable" to access a lightning component using an url and create a "List Button" with behavior as "Display in existing window without sidebar or header" that directs you to the component URL, as mentioned in the documentation:


The URL in the list button should look like below:

{!URLFOR('/lightning/cmp/namespace__componentName', null, [param=value])}

  • I have tried this, but the selected record ids are not receiving in state__c. See the page reference object that I received : page reference {"type":"standard__component","attributes":{"componentName":"c__cc_ltngMassAccept"},"state":{"uid":"1606769100291"}} Could you please help on this? Am I missing anything? – Riyas Basheer Dec 1 '20 at 10:48

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