I'm trying to find out how many people answered a multi-select question in a survey. For this count I do not need to know what they picked, simply that they picked something (or didn't not pick anything??)

All my efforts return error: 'Field multi__c does not support aggregate operator COUNT'

Maybe I should create a text formula field that pulls the contents of the multi-select and count the nonblank text field?

Any other options?

(I'm setting this up in Declarative Lookup Rollups app, don't know if it is adding an extra limitation, I can't find reference anywhere to this null issue)

FYI I've tried WHERE field !='' WHERE field != NULL WHERE Field EXCLUDES (NULL)

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It seems like this was asked before here. Can you try this?

 multi__c excludes ('valueA','valueB') AND
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    Thanks, I was trying to do this in Declarative Lookup Rollups app, since it is on the Campaign rolling up a custom object. I don't want to hard-code values into the rollup, just count non-blank fields. Tried the multi__c.isEmpty(), but it also returns; error is 'unexpected token: ')'' So I don't know if this is a DLR limitation or a syntax issue. Oct 30, 2019 at 8:21

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