In Enterprise edition of Salesforce, I remember being able to create or refresh a developer sandbox from a partial or full sandbox instead of production. This would also copy over some of the data that was in those sandboxes.

I recently went to attempt this and it appear this is no longer a feature.

Looked through release notes for the last year and couldn't find anything about this. Did Salesforce remove this feature? or was this never a feature?

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I'm not aware of any such feature ever existing (the ability to spin up or refresh a Sandbox from another one), so I can't speak to that exactly, but you can still clone a sandbox today under certain circumstances, but only from Production

Hope this helps.


Today, I also stuck with the same issue whose answer is here:-)

When you clone a sandbox, all its data and metadata are copied to the new sandbox. A cloned sandbox uses the same license type as its source org. For example, to clone a Full sandbox you must have a Full sandbox license available.



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