I'm trying to define my project-scratch-def.json file to enable the standard WorkOrder object, it appears the object is enabled under the Field Service section of the setup menu. I added the FieldService feature, however that does not appear to enable the object or the section of the setup menu. Based on Salesforce's documentation, I would suspect FieldService is a valid feature and would enable the WorkOrder object. I'm mainly looking for a way to enable the standard object WorkOrder, so if there is another way of doing this it would be much appreciated.

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Per Salesforce Support:

Meanwhile, you can include "FieldService" in the feature.

FieldServiceSettings is available via Metadata API and thence also in the settings portion of the SFDX config -

Try including fieldServiceOrgPref to true to actually activate the feature, while the feature's entry just makes it available.

The FieldService feature simply allows the Field Service settings in the environment, while the fieldServiceSettings and fieldServiceOrgPref settings enables the features in the environment.

Support also referenced the metadata API documentation as keys for defining the scratch-def.json file. For this specific scenario, the fieldServiceSettings documentation explains the settings to enable the workOrder object.

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