I'm using apex:pageMessage to display warning message on record page. I'm using a visualforce page and embedding it into the page layout and display the error message based on certain record values, as below:

<apex:pageMessage summary="This is a warning message!" 
                  rendered="{!IF(sField1 =='xxx' && sField2 !='xxx', true, false)}" />

How can I implement the same functionality with lwc?


You have a few options on LWC like building your own component to handle error messages. There is the fireToast that perhaps it is the easiest one. On your LWC HTML import this:

import { getDetailsFromError, fireToast } from 'c/lwcutils';

After that you can use you fireToast in your functions like this:

fireToast(this, 'error', 'Error', 'message');
// or this for success 
fireToast(this, 'success', 'Success!', 'message');

This will fire a toast. If you want to have an error that stays on the page and be able to show that error on a particular place on the page, I will suggest to build a component for that.

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