In my scenario, I don't want task to be created automatically when an email-to-case has been created. I checked the Routing address name and 'Create Task to Email' is disabled but still the task is being created. What I am missing? How can I have the email-to-case functionality not to create any task on case creation?

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    Have you checked all other possibilities for the Task creation? Like, Processes, other workflows, Triggers and any sort of automation around the Case-Task objects?
    – Arnold Jr.
    Oct 22, 2019 at 17:38

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@Arnold Jr. brings up good suggestions. Salesforce has a knowledge article regarding this exact issue ("Create Task to Email" is disabled, but yet it still creates a task).

The two things that cause this behavior according to that article:

  1. Routing Address in Pending State. Check your "Verification" column in your email-to-case settings.

    Setup --> Email-to-case --> Routing Addresses

    If the verification has not completed, please do so.

  2. Automated Case User's profile does not have access to Record Type

    Find the record type being set in the email-to-case settings under the Routing Address

    Check your Automated Case User by going to Setup --> Support Settings. Confirm the profile on this user has access to the record type.

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