How to refer Grand_Parent__c field in below if condition? I am trying to add parent ids to a collection type Set<>. But childObj.Parent__r.Grand_Parent__c value is not taking from grand parent though I have provided parent and grand parent values while testing manually.

public static void updateParent(List<Child__c>  childList){
        Map<ID, Parent__c> listLoan = new Map<ID, Parent__c>(); 
        List<Id> parentsetIds = new List<Id>();
        for (Child__c childObj : childList) {
            if(childObj.Parent__c != NULL && childObj.Parent__r.Grand_Parent__c != NULL){
                   parentsetIds.add(childObj.Parent__c); // here parentsetIds not taking childObj.Parent__r.Grand_Parent__c
       // some logic

Triggers do not populate referenced objects, only the immediate fields of the objects themselves.

You, therefore, will need to execute a query to bulk load all the parent objects to access the grand parent details, like:

Set<Id> parentIds = new Set<Id>();

for (Child__c child : childList) {

List<Parent__c> parents = [SELECT Id, Grand_Parent__c WHERE Id IN :parentIds AND Grand_Parent__c != NULL];

Map<Id, Parent__c> parentsById = new Map<Id, Parent__c>(parents);

// This is a set of all parents for the children that have a grandparent
parentIds = parentsById.keySet();
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