I saw the useful function of the "mobile-hidden" in the creation of emails in cloud marketing. If I wanted to create 2 content, one for mobile and one for the desktop, how should I do to see it in the salesforce preview? For the desktop (thanks to the mobile-hidden class) all ok, disappears from mobile

But I also see the mobile version from the desktop. I tried to put a "display: none" or create a class for it, but it seems to me that the preview doesn't work well. Am I wrong?


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You need to create or use an existing class, that will prevent the mobile content from being displayed on desktop.

In the same way that the mobile-hidden class hides content on devices with x or less display width, you need a class that will hide content on devices with y or more display width.

Here’s a useful article explaining how to create those classes on your own: https://www.webdesignersacademy.com/show-and-hide-different-content-on-mobile-devices-desktops/

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