Scenario - I currently have an Action that can be clicked on the Account page to create a pre-populated Opportunity. Now I want to use Flow (specifically a decision), to build a Flow Button (Button that executes a Flow) that only allows for the execution of the Action if the Account Status is set to Active. The following image shows what I have so far (the Action is the Action mentioned above):

enter image description here


  1. Bigger - How can I use a Flow to fulfill the scenario?
  2. Smaller -How can I bring the AccountId into the flow from the Account where the button was clicked (i.e. bring contextual information into the Flow's scope)?
  • Object-based actions of type Flow will pass the ID into a flow variable that must be named recordId
  • Flow should do a Get Records using recordId as key into a record variable
  • Decision block to inspect Account Status and route to your sub flow.

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