We are struggling with the following new business request:

We are using the standard objects Opportunity and Product. Now there is the clear request to define possible market segments for each product and track this segment on opportunity level. So for example:

Product 001 : A , B , C , D Product 002 : A, D, E Product 003 : A, C, D

When I select Product 002 on opportunity level, I want to be able to choose only between A , D or E as applicable market segment for the opportunity.

How can this be set up in the most transparent way knowing we want to avoid Visualforce pages. Is there a way with Process Builder?

thanks. Tim

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    Assuming you have a junction object Product_Market_Segment__c betw Product2 and Market_Segment__c; did you consider lookup filters on the OLI.Product_Market_Segment__c field? (I'm not sure this will work but would avoid the VF approach) – cropredy Oct 18 '19 at 21:21

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