I am trying to trouble shoot and roll back a change that was made to our Org relating to a line in the Setup Audit trail but I cannot find what setting it is referring to.

In the Setup Audit Trail it says the action taken was: Organization setup action: sRHSimpleRecordHomeEnabledOffOn has changed.

My best guess is that this relates to record page layouts or the Home screen layout somehow but when I check Record Page Settings all the settings there are the same.

When I search SalesForce's documentation for "sRHSimpleRecordHomeEnabledOffOn", nothing comes up.

Does anyone have any insight to what sRHSimpleRecordHomeEnabledOffOn might refer to?

  • It might be related to Standard Lighting Page Layouts as all Objects that were not using custom Lightning Page Layouts we changed around and had related lists moved.
    – DC-Fencer
    Oct 21, 2019 at 13:36

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a couple years late but this just happened to us so I've been looking into it today. There's no documentation on this so I wanted to chime in with what I've found even though I'm a couple years late.

This is the setting referred to by sRHSimpleRecordHomeEnabledOffOn in Setup Audit trail.


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