I created a new application in order to host a discord music bot I created, however I keep getting a message like this message spammed in my logs every minute or so.

heroku[worker.1]: source=worker.1 dyno=heroku.149985779.4d4071cd-854f-4d9a-92f2-1dc39b43a5a0 sample#memory_total=42.28MB sample#memory_rss=40.00MB sample#memory_cache=2.28MB sample#memory_swap=0.00MB sample#memory_pgpgin=13739pages sample#memory_pgpgout=2915pages sample#memory_quota=512.00MB

After doing some research it looks like the log-runtime-metrics were somehow enabled, but I checked and even ran the command to disable them. The problem is that I am still getting these messages after doing so. (I also re-deployed the app after running the disable command.)

The bot is still working and is correctly hosted, however this is quite the annoying bug. What's weird is my 5 other bots hosted on Heroku do not send this message, and they are all hosted the same way using the same language. (Python)

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