I am seeing below unwanted UserPermissions in the GIT branch, and unfortunately it went to sandbox as well through CICD. I would like to remove these assigned permissions from 4 profiles as profile cleanup activity in sandbox. If someone has any insight on what is the label corresponds to each UserPermission in profile section to view/modify it. Below were the CustomPermissions impacted on 4 profiles.

UserPermissions on System-Admin Profile:

  1. CreateContentSpace
  2. CreateLtngTempFolder
  3. ManageHubConnections
  4. ManagePropositions
  5. ManageRecommendationStrategies
  6. ManageSubscriptions
  7. ManageSandboxes
  8. ModifyDataClassification
  9. PrivacyDataAccess
  10. SubscribeDashboardRolesGrps
  11. SubscribeReportRolesGrps
  12. TraceXdsQueries
  13. TransactionalEmailSend
  14. ViewFlowUsageAndFlowEventData
  15. ViewUserPII

UserPermissions on API User Profile

  1. AccessCMC
  2. CreatePackaging
  3. InstallPackaging
  4. PublishPackaging
  5. SendExternalEmailAvailable
  6. TransactionalEmailSend

UserPermissions on Custom Profile

  1. ArchiveArticles
  2. EditKnowledge
  3. EditTranslation
  4. ManageKnowledge
  5. ManageKnowledgeImportExport
  6. PublishArticles
  7. PublishTranslation
  8. SendExternalEmailAvailable
  9. ShareInternalArticles
  10. TransactionalEmailSend
  11. SubmitForTranslation

UserPermissions on ReadOnly Profile

  1. ContentAdministrator
  2. CustomizeApplication
  3. ManageContentPermissions
  4. ManageContentProperties
  5. ManageContentTypes
  6. ManageCustomPermissions
  7. ManagePackageLicenses
  8. ManageTranslation
  9. ResetPasswords

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Rather than try to research all these, just remove them from the profile XML, then re-deploy. This should fix the files without needing to use the UI. However, please note that some permissions may have been added by the Winter '20 update, and standard profiles cannot generally be modified in terms of system permissions. This is why most organizations opt to use custom profiles to begin with.

Alternatively, you can run the following code to get (most) permissions:

for(sobjectfield field: profile.sobjectType.getDescribe().fields.getmap().values()) {
    describefieldresult result = field.getDescribe();
    System.debug('Field: '+result.getName()+' Label: '+result.getLabel());
  • Thank you for your answer brother. Indeed, Perfect Solution :) Oct 16, 2019 at 15:38

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