I am a beginner developer and need help. I want to update the field value of the account based on the account history field value(Resigned date) - therefore, I have to get the value of the field from account history that has been entered for the first time - which requires me to filter the oldvalue is equal to null. I need to get this done only for certain accounts which has a field Named/called Status with the value/picklist "Former Member". I have written some code but I am getting 101 error because I have a query in loop. Thanks in advance for the help. Below is my code

for(account acc : [select id from account where status__c = 'former member']){    
        for(AccountHistory ah:[SELECT AccountId, field,createddate, NewValue,OldValue FROM AccountHistory where accountid =:acc.id and

(field ='status_C' or field ='Date_Resigned_c') ]) {
if((ah.oldvalue == Null) || (ah.field=='date_resigned')){
System.debug('AccountID = '+ah.accountid+' '+ 'Created date =' +ah.createddate +', '+ 'Field name

change ='+' ' + ah.Field +', '+ 'New value ='+' ' + ah.NewValue+', ' + 'Old value ='+' ' + ah.OldValue);

I know that the second For loop is causing the error because I am iterating one record at a time.

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Change your query to

 [SELECT Field, CreatedDate, NewValue, OldValue, Account.Status__c
   FROM AccountHistory
   WHERE Account.Status__c = 'former_member' AND
        Field IN ('Status__c','Date_Resigned__c')]

and you'll avoid the inner loop

  • was able to have only one loop as advised, however I am getting the below error now. System.LimitException:Too Many Query row:50001. Thank you for help
    – Megnath
    Oct 16, 2019 at 1:21
  • @rameshpm That just means you need to filter your query further. If you do need that amount of records to be processed, it should be done in a batch class. Oct 16, 2019 at 1:40
  • Thank you.. Now I can learn batch class :)
    – Megnath
    Oct 16, 2019 at 1:50

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