Some users in Marketing Cloud need to check if some contacts are arriving in a Data Extension (the Data Extension is being filled up through an API). They wish to check hourly in a Dashboard how many Contacts arrived in the Data Extension, if none contact arrive in an hour, there is probably a problem with the API, so that will alert they to check with the internal IT team.

Is possible to create a Custom Dashboard to show how many Contacts arrived (rows inserted) in the Data Extension and let this Dashboard in Marekting Cloud homepage? (Somheting like the dashboard in Setup Page)

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Or is possible to create it in a Cloud Pages (get the Data with SSJS), but let accessible only to Marketing Cloud users?

  • You can create it inside a Cloudpage, but would need to create your own authentication to limit access. See this article (ampscript.xyz/how-tos/…) for some good info on creating a 'secure' cloud page. You can also likely build this externally as well utilizing the API if you wanted. Oct 15, 2019 at 21:13

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Instead of creating a dashboard, which requires someone actively visiting it to validate the number of inserted rows, I will recommend you to build an automation based approach.

You will need:

  1. Automation to run hourly
  2. Query activity selecting the rows inserted last hour (assuming a timestamp exists on your data)
  3. Data extension to which the query activity will dump these X rows
  4. Verification step, which will send an email to [email protected] if above data extension holds 0 rows

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