I want to import a csv file by using the automation studio. the csv looks like that: WERBEKO-2019_10_15

  1. Starting source: File drop (use filename Pattern "Begins with" - "WERBEKO-"
  2. Import Definition: File Naming Pattern "%%FILENAME_FROM_TRIGGER%%"

Error Message:

Import failed: File WERBEKO-2019_10_15.csv.filepart not found

It works When I´m using File Naming Pattern WERBEKO-2019_10_15 but the date will change every day.

What am I doing wrong in step 2?


Try using the following:


Bare in mind, that each day it will only import the file with that day's date.

Read about Import wildcards on Adam's blog: https://sprignaturemoves.com/import-wildcards/

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