I have implemented custom file upload component using input file html tag and rendering it as browse file button.

The issue with component is:-

  • When trying to upload file more than 4 mb of size, i am getting below error:-

[AuraClientInputException from server] Unexpected request input. Expected input format: "Max message parameter length is 4194304 characters.".

It seems apex heap size error.

How i am reading the file uploaded?

I am using the FileReader Api to read it and fire an apex method to save the file as ContentVersion Object record in Salesforce.

this.fileReader = new FileReader();
            // set onload function of FileReader object  
            this.fileReader.onloadend = (() => {
                this.filecontent = this.fileReader.result;
                let base64 = 'base64,';
                this.content = this.filecontent.indexOf(base64) + base64.length;
                this.filecontent = this.filecontent.substring(this.content);
                //saving the file by calling an apex method
                    parentId: 'a8pq00000001w4QAAQ', fileName: this.fileName,
                    base64Data: encodeURIComponent(this.filecontent)
                }).then(result => {
                    window.console.log('result ====> ' + result);
                    .catch(error => {
                        // Showing errors if any while inserting the files

Why i can't use Lightning FileUpload component?

This component uploads the document as soon user select the file in browse window,but our aim is to upload files only when we click a specific upload button. It also does not have maximum file size attribute.

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