I am trying to give my managers the ability to mass reassign tasks for their team. They have a list view and would like to use that to reassign certain tasks to specific people.

I have created a task quick action that just has the owner on the page layout. This should allow the managers to select multiple and define the new owner. I am unable to get the button on the list view.

According to the documentation from SF, I should just be able to add the button to the page layout, and that should populate the action on the list view. This isn't working. I still only see the "New Task" button.

I don't have the ability to define the search results for tasks, and the search results for activities does not have this button. When I try to "create a custom list button" it wants me to create a list view button that is static and does not allow the manager to define which rep should get the task.

Is this functionality possible without creating a new VF page or component?

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