I am receiving two events when I am clicking lightning-input checkbox. This behavior is the same in Salesforce as well as on the LWC playground.

Wherever if use html checkbox then I receive event only one time.

Anyone else is having the same problem? Here is the code in LWC playground: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/tools/playground/lsOssohh3/2/edit


From the specification of lightning-input, it looks like there is no native onclick event.

Its recommended that you should be using onchange instead.


    <lightning-input type="checkbox" label="Lightning Checkbox"  onchange={handleBulletPointsInput2}>

        <input type="checkbox" onclick={handleBulletPointsInput2}>HTML Checkbox</input>


import { LightningElement } from 'lwc';

export default class InputCheckboxBasic extends LightningElement {

Playground Link : https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/tools/playground/lsOssohh3/5/edit

Reason why its firing two events onclick:

In normal html-checkbox, the check uncheck only work when you click on the checkbox.

In lightning-input the check-uncheck work even on click of Label. Both checkbox and label react to click as they both are children of div/span that handles the onclick event and propagates it down to all reactive children

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