What are the Content Search Refinements on a library folder level are used for in SFCC?

According to the documentation here (Salesforce B2C Commerce 19.10 > Merchandising Your Site > Content Assets > Working with Content Assets > Creating Content Search Refinements):

You can specify different drill-down or search refinement options for the display of content by configuring content search refinements at the library folder level. For each refinement, you can specify sorting mode and direction. If multiple refinements are defined, you can specify the order in which the refinements appear.

What does the phrase for the display of content refer to?

I mean if I am going to display the content asset in my storefront, then I will just retrieve it by id and use it in my storefront without ever using the refinements (since for a single id there is a single content asset or no content asset at all and there is nothing to sort or refine here).

If the referred in the documentation display is about displaying the refinements in the BM for an easier content assets management, then it is not clear why after creating a refinement at the library folder level and navigating to the library I was not able to find any search refinement there.

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