I am using lightning:datatable to display data and it has the ability to inline edit. I was wondering if there's some sort of event handler when a cell is being edited (when the user clicks the pencil icon on the table cell for inline edit)?

The reason I asked is I would like to disable a button outside of the datable during an inline edit. I looked through the lightning:datatable documentation but no luck.

Thanks in Advance


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You can use oncellchange here.

From documentation (emphasis mine):

You can handle the oncancel, oncellchange, and onsave actions when the cell value changes or is saved.

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    I'm having this problem now. The oncellchange event - certainly in LWC anyway - only fires when the user blurs away from the edit, ie they click on something other than the input field after making a change. Does anyone know if we can capture an event when the user actually clicks the pencil icon, or as soon as they type a change? Dec 17, 2020 at 16:38

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