I am attempting to export all of the attachments in our Chatter. I tried to use Data Export to export ContentDocument, ContentFolder, and ContentVersion but the files I got in the ContentVersion folder had a unique ID for the file name, not the file name given to them by the creator.

I was looking through all of the csv files which were also in the zip file (ContentBody.csv ; ContentReference.csv) and they didn't have any information which could help.

Is there a way to get the files named their original name given to them by the creator (ie Weekly Statement.csv instead of 00000053TDXE1234.csv).

Thank you.

  • In the past, I used FileExporter to do this but it requires DataLoader V17 that is limited to TLS 1.0 so this no longer works (basically the tool renamed the files on the PC using information from the ContentVersion title) – cropredy Oct 10 '19 at 18:20

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