In the content version, there is a Last Modified Date that populates both the date and time, so I created a custom field called Last_Modified__c with a field type Date that is set to create only date not time.

Now I need a trigger that populates the last modified date, & not the time in Last_Modified__c based on the LastModifiedDate field in the content version.

trigger updateLastModifiedField on Last_Modified_Date__c (after insert) {
List<ContentVersion> LastModifiedToUpdate = new List<ContentVersion>();
for(Last_Modified_Date__c  cv: Trigger.new){
    if(nt.ParentId != null && nt.ParentId.getSObjectType() == schema.ContentVersion.sObjectType){
        ContentVersion cv=new ContentVersion(Id=cv.parentId,RecentNoteContent__c=cv.Body);


    update LastmodifiedToUpdate;


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    – David Reed
    Oct 10, 2019 at 14:38
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    – Derek F
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Your OP is confusing as the trigger isn't on ContentVersion so I'm assuming that is what you wanted based on your description

trigger updateLastModifiedField on ContentVersion (after insert) {
  List<ContentVersion> cvs = new List<ContentVersion>();
  for(ContentVersion  cv: Trigger.new){
    cvs.add(new ContentVersion (Id = cv.Id,
                                Last_Modified_Date__c = cv.LastModifiedDate.dateGMT()));

  update cvs; 


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