Our client has MobileConnect and wants to be able to track SMS sends into Saleforce on a PersonAccount.

Is there a way to track individual SMS send results into Salesforce ? Actually, in my research it seems there is no out of the box feature. Is it still the case ? Because we can see a related list in Salesforce called "SMS Sends" that we can add on a PersonAccount page layout. What is it for, if these are not SMS Sends from SFMC ? And how can we make it possible for the client ?

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Correct, this still isn't OOB feature and doesn't seem that it will be.

You have a couple of options to set it up, but the best way is to use Data Views like SMSMessageTracking and SMSSubscriptionLog to query them with SQL, write required tracking data to a new Data Extension and then utilize SSJS with AMPscript's CreateSalesforceObject to create custom SMS tracking records in Sales Cloud.

You can set everything up in a single Automation.

SMS Sends is covered in covered in this SFSE question, but essentially it's a beta feature that isn't used.

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