I am trying to create my first Analytics App. After selecting the data for app creation, I am also getting an email for successful App creation. However, I see that it's not doing analytics on the Org Data but just 1 sample record is coming.

Also, I have waited for a day but no difference. Below is the screenshot:

enter image description here

Really appreciate assistance over this...

Thanks & Regards, Varun Gulati

  • Hi Varun, can you please add details like how did you create data set and dataflow for this dashbaord. Also please check on how many records it is showing in the DataFlow. – Rohit Patil Oct 10 at 15:45
  • Hi Rohit, thanks for the response. But I did not create the dataset separately... Here's what I did. Create - app - choose template - select all the dataset like logins, Apex errors, etc for which you want to create app - confirm... That's it – Varun SFDC Oct 10 at 16:28
  • Please check how many records are there in the dataflow used in the dataset you are using. Run the dataflow once and check if it shows more records. – Rohit Patil Oct 11 at 6:49
  • Hello Rohit, how can I check that... I know to reach the dataflow, but what to check further – Varun SFDC Oct 11 at 7:05
  • Hi Rohit, just checked... So there are multiple rows in and rows out and no failures for various nodes in the entire data flow. Any idea what may be the issue as these aren't reflecting in the app – Varun SFDC Oct 11 at 7:10

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