I have a lightning component in which I load an iframe based on recordid. How do I hide the header and sidebar

I used the following but this is not working

<iframe src="{!'/098/e?parent_id='+v.recordId15+'?isdtp=mn'}" height="400px" width="1200px" style="border:0px"/>

Visualforce embedded report - isdtp parameter options

I can't find anything about this actually being supported to work with Salesforce so I'm not sure you do have any options if none of those work mentioned in the previous answer.


I someone bumps into this, hereby my findings (?isdtp=vw): - ?isdtp=mn does not work on iframe tag - If needed from a lighting page I chose to open a new tab and then the header and sidebar can be removed.

Example Controller:

window.open('/p/attach/NoteAttach?pid='+ recordId15 + '&isdtp=vw&parentname='+Recordinf+'&retURL=/'+ recordId15);

Note: in certain circumstances &isdtp=vw or ?isdtp=vw works

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