I'm trying to develop a visualforce page which displays our training videos, for this requirement, we want to upload Content Versions to one Enterprise org, make all the videos with public access (ContentDistribution) and then access the videos using these public links.

If I upload the content version as internal usage, I can display the video using the following code:

<iframe src="/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/download/{contentVersionId}" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

the result is:

enter image description here But when I'm trying to access the link from the field 'DistributionPublicUrl', I don't have directly access to the content version id, and the url is in a different format 'https://MyInstance.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/XXXXXXXXX/a/XXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXX'

so the result is: enter image description here

It's important to mention that I changed File Upload and Download Security settings so mp4 will be displayed in browser.

Does someone have any idea for fixing this issue?

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