I’m working with an org that has acquired multiple businesses underneath it; they all have different logos.

I want to make a lightning dynamic letterhead that displayed their email Footer/Header based on their location.

Since you can’t call apex from the letterheads but you can use merge fields, I thought I would :

  • convert images to base64
  • store on a custom field in the user object
  • Then insert that custom field into my letterheads as a merge field.

I tried a rich text field but that doesn’t accept HTML. SO now I’m using a long txt area field and I’m getting the correct base64 image stored to the user object, but when I send the email it just displays it as plain text and doesn’t render the image.

MY Base 64 Image is saved as:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<img src="data:image/png;base64, RANDOMSTRINGOFBASE64” />

I tried giving a doctype but that didn’t help either.

Is there a way to solve this business need of displaying dynamic headers/footers in an email depending on locations?

Is there a way to Parse the HTML from a field to use in the letterhead?

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