First thing that came to my mind was writing a Batch Apex to do this but I get this error.

 System.UnexpectedException: The requested operation is not supported by this SObject

Deleting via Bulk API using Dataloader is not allowed too for some reason.

I only found documentation on this here : https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.bigobjects.meta/bigobjects/big_object_delete.htm

but even then I am only able to delete 50000 rows a time otherwise will get the error :

System.LimitException: Too many query rows: 50001

I'm currently running this code in Anonymous Apex :

List<bigobject__b> BO = new List<bigobject__b>(); 

BO.addAll([SELECT Company_Name__c FROM bigobject__b LIMIT 50000]);


Any suggestions how else I can perform this delete quicker and more efficiently?

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