I have this scenario:

| Keyword status DE |

| Mobile (PK) | Status |

| 34655555555 | active |

| Entry Journey DE |

| SubscriberKey (PK) | Email | Phone (PK) |

| [email protected] | [email protected] |34655555555 |

I have linked the Keyword status DE in contact builder as follows (1 to 1 on Mobile) enter image description here

Now in journey builder, when I test this I thought I should be able to filter in the following way : Mobile equal Phone and Status equal Active

enter image description here

Unfortunately, it's taking the false path. Only if I leave "Mobile equal Phone" alone, it evaluates true.

How can I evaluate both conditions?

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It works when SubscriberKey = 34655555555

and SubscriberKey relates to Subscribers on Subscriber Key

It seems this is the way it's tied up to Contact Builder


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