I am trying to figure out how to create a (custom)report where I would be able to track how many subscribers and who (if possible) replies on the emails I have sent. Is it even possible? In tracking and reporting there is no such report.


This would have to be a custom solution, and on a high level, you could set up something like that:

Set up a sender profile with custom RMM settings and use a Triggered Send for forwards. The email used for the Triggered Send can include a script that you would use to log the email reply into a Data Extension.

When Reply Mail Management (RMM) is enabled on an account, custom RMM settings can be configured in the sender profile to forward a Triggered Send email to a user or email address, or reply to the Subscriber using a Triggered Send email. This functionality is enabled by checking the ‘Forward using triggered send’ or ‘Reply using triggered send’ options in the sender profile.

Triggered Send emails used for RMM forwarding or replies can contain personalization strings to extract information from the reply email. These personalization strings can be used with AMPscript to customize the email that is forwarded to a user or email address. Additionally, when the ‘Reply using triggered send’ option is used, the Triggered Send email can include information from the Subscribers’ original reply. Use cases for RMM forwarding and replies with Triggered Send emails include:

  • Respond with an acknowledgment email to the Subscriber and a formatted abstract of their reply email, explaining they will receive a response in two business days
  • Send the email to an internal email address and include details of the email that the Subscriber replied to (for example, the email name and related journey)
  • Strip the original email from the reply email thread
  • Log the email reply into a Data Extension
  • Create Tasks or Activities in Sales Cloud from the email reply
  • Identify keywords used in the reply message to conditionally trigger other platform actions

Take a look here in the Reply Mail Management Strings section: https://ampscript.guide/system-strings/

  • Hello Zuzan, thank you for your opinion on this! I will try it. – Juraj Resko Oct 6 '19 at 13:51
  • This feedback helped me to create a custom report. It works! Thanks once again! ;) – Juraj Resko Oct 17 '19 at 7:31

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