So the datatable does ALMOST everything I need for my component, very handy. But I only want one selection of a row at a time. I want users to have to actually click each row if they want to select a row, not be able to do a select all.

If it cannot be hidden at all while keeping the other checkboxes, than I would have no choice but to do a custom table, which is painful to do when the LWC datatable is so close to being just what I need.


This is not possible as a standard. However you can create custom lightning web component with checkbox. You can refer to How to use custom LWC lightning component in lightning-datatable for detailed explanation on how to use custom LWC component in a column. With this solution you will not get select all checkbox.

Custom component HTML:

    <lightning-input type="checkbox" label="Select" variant="label-hidden" name="input1"></lightning-input>

This is a very minor work-around compared to building datatable from scratch

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  • Oh nice, extending the datatable with custom component should be just what I need. Thank you – Tyler Dahle Oct 1 '19 at 19:07

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