I'm having difficulty finding a way to write the syntax to set my invocable variables in the test class: Here's the code.

global class EmailPreventivoAccettato {
global class Parametri {
    public string IDPreventivo;
    public string Gruppo;

this class is called by a method that send an e-mail:

@InvocableMethod(label='Invia preventivo in allegato (.csv)')
public static void SpedisciMail(Parametri[] inputs) {

I wrote the test class:

EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri[] Parametri = new EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri[]{};
Parametri[0].IDPreventivo = '0Q03E000000I5OLSA0';
Parametri[0].Gruppo = 'TEST';

but It return me an error when I run the test:

System.ListException: List index out of bounds: 0

someone can help me?...

  • You List is empty and youre attempting to get [0] element of it Oct 1, 2019 at 13:14

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Your problem has nothing to do with invocable variable.

You are trying to access the 0 index element immediately after creating instance Parametri in test class. You should add element in list instead. Try below:

EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri Parametri1 = new EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri();
Parametri1.IDPreventivo = '0Q03E000000I5OLSA0';
Parametri1.Gruppo = 'TEST';

EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri[] Parametri = new EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri[]{};

You have created the list, but not an Object in it, change your code a bit:

EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri ParametriObj = new EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri();
ParametriObj.IDPreventivo = '0Q03E000000I5OLSA0';
ParametriObj.Gruppo = 'TEST';
EmailPreventivoAccettato.SpedisciMail(new List<EmailPreventivoAccettato.Parametri>{ParametriObj});
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    Thank You for the reply! I solved the problem :) Oct 1, 2019 at 13:26

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