CloudPages keeps adding a max-width property to the style tag in my page. It is part of the main_style class and keeps getting inserted every time I open the code. I can delete it and publish the code without it, but if I re-open the code for the page and forget to delete it one time, it will be published with the page which is really annoying.

Is there any way I can get rid of that permanently? I am talking about the max-width property for body here:

 <style class="main_style">
    body { font-family: Arial; margin: 0px auto; background-color: #E4E4E4; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; color: #808080; font-size: 16px; line-height: 1; padding: 0px; max-width: 1280px; } 

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So it turns out that this can be bypassed by overwriting the CSS setting for max-width in the <body > tag. Since HTML is read from top to bottom, the in-line setting in body will overwrite the previous setting.

Therefore: Fix the in-line styling to max-width: 100% in <body style="..">.

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