I have a custom New Quote button which has some pre-defined fields when creating a quote from an opportunity. I learned it the hard way, that using such custom actions, the Opportunity Line Items will not transfer to the created Quote, so I had to investigate for solutions. I found out that I can run a Process + a Flow when a Quote is created, which will do the transfer.

The flow would get the Quote ID and Opportunity ID as parameters, get the related Opportunity and Quote records, then the Opportunity Line Items in a collection, then iterate thru them, and create a Quote Line Item for each.

Whenever I run/debug this flow, I don't get any opportunity line items copied to the quote.

Here's the part where I assign all Opportunity Line Item data to a new Quote Line Item: enter image description here

And here's the outline of the Flow: enter image description here

Am I missing something in the assignment there? Or am I assigning values to the QutoeLineItem that are unnecessary?


You need to route your second Assignment back to your loop:

enter image description here

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