With multi-org I know it's possible to connect:

  1. Multiple business units connected to multiple orgs.
  2. Multiple business units connected to a single org.

If I have 5 Sales Cloud orgs, would the following scenarios be possible?:

  1. Connect each of the 5 orgs to its own BU.
  2. Connect all 5 Sales Cloud orgs to one Parent.

Also, would Service/Community Cloud also be able to be enabled for these in the same manner?

There isn't a lot of resources out there for using multiple orgs in this way so trying to shed some light for myself and the community if anyone has any helpful knowledge.

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  • N MC Business Units => Single SFDC Org (Possible)
  • N SFDC Orgs => Single MC Business Unit (Not possible)

If linked multiple BU's to a single SFDC Org and same MC API user is used in all of those => All synchronized data sources will be available in all of those BUs

You want to sync different objects? => Use different API users.

You will still benefit from Parent/Child architecture in terms of BU and will be able to access relevant data by leveraging SQL activities (Child BU) and adding ENT. prefix when selecting from a Data Extension that is shared or available only in the Parent BU : "FROM ENT.Contact_Salesforce"

In terms of Community Cloud - we are talking about integrations/Journey Builder

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