Requirement: I was looking into the sample_dataextension.py and try to download list of data extensions and corresponding data extensions columns and rows.



Step 1: I can extract the list of Data Extension by passing the credentials and below is the sample data extension values.

enter image description here enter image description here

Step 2: Using the below code i was not able to fetch any columns

enter image description here

NameofDE: customerKey/Name of DE

I got the below result with empty result set.

enter image description here

Issue: I am not sure what I have missed or if I did something wrong in the code to make it work. If you can help me to resolve this would be great. I need to pass a DE and get the corresponding Columns and Rows to download as a file. Once i get this sorted i can work on to download other DE.

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use this code to get columns

response_column = ET_Client.ET_DataExtension_Column() response_column.auth_stub = myClient response_column.CustomerKey = customer_key response_column = response_column.get() print(response_column.results)

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